This blog post is about one of my recent publication “Solar Event Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks”. This article will be abstract and probably not useful for an expert but it should be interesting to see another application area of deep learning.

Over the last decade, deep learning literally takes over the computer vision world. The story starts from Yann LeCun and his invention of convolutional neural networks (CNN)(see Yoshua Bengio and Geoffery Hinton, if you want to backtrace more). When LeCun invented CNN in the 90s, the computation capacity of computers was restricted, therefore it only can be used…

I want to tell about “why did I move my blog to Medium?”. [Disclaimer before I start, I am not an active blogger so this post might not make sense for an actual blog writers.] There are two triggering reasons. First, Medium is a great platform. For a while, I am reading articles from Medium. Actually, I am pointed to Medium from different sources such as hacker news , twitter etc. Font size, page colors, and simplistic design of the pages is really convenient for me and make reading really easy. …

Recently, I decided to pull images from Twitter to use in my Deep Neural Network project. Apparently, it is not a good idea because of the noisy data which might be the topic of another post. In this post, I will share a simple Java Code that allow you to download images from Twitter.

The Code is available in Github.

To run the code, you need to have a Twitter Application Account so that you can get appropriate authentication token for the Twitter’s API.

I want to explain the code little. …

Have you ever need to shutdown your computer automatically? Sometimes, I sleep with music or I start downloading something before I sleep and I do not want to leave my computer running until morning. I need an app to shutdown my computer after I slept. Mac OS X has a feature called power saving and you can schedule your computer to shutdown at specific time but I think it is not very practical.

I looked for a software to do this. There were couple of them in the app store, but they were not free. Honestly, I did not want…

Loader bar is inevitable part of user experience since we cannot get ride of data transfer delay. In this post, I will try to explain my way of handling this issue on Angular Js.

I use Angular JS almost all of my web project because of various different cool feature. When I used Angular for the first time, I deal with this loader problem using HTTP Interceptor (the idea taken from probably from stack-overflow, I do not remember which post it is.). The Idea is simple, Angular let you intercept any http request and you start a loader at the…

Initiating a session and keeping a session for each user can be problematic, sometimes. Especially, if you are doing this manually. However, general idea is simple. You need to put each coming request to a filter which checks whether request has a valid session or not. In this article, I will simply explain how I do this filtering on Scala-Play.

Play Framework has GlobalSettings class which has couple of functions that you can monitor any incoming request. However, it is not good idea to use GlobalSettings for this purpose. Actually, Play is trying to remove GlobalSettings completely. …

This article is showing very simple usage of Java JDBC driver in Scala.

Currently, I am working on graduate level Network Security Course project. Briefly my project is cloud based secure password storage.

For a while I am using Heroku-Scala/Java on Play Framework-MongoDB(Reactive Mongo) stack in different projects. In this project, I decided to use an SQL database instead of NoSql. Since project focus on security rather than excellent database or webserver, It would not matter which database I am using. However, my data schema in this project is more appropriate for SQL.

I already discovered how to send query…

Volley is the best networking library I have ever seen so far. It is developed by Google but not part of native Android SDK. Read more from here in order to learn details. In this post, I will explain how I have used Volley for RESTful connection between my server and Android application.

First of all, I want to explain my JSON format provided by server side.

{result: { status: "SUCCESS",
status_code: 1,
msg: "success" },
data: { patientList: [ {
id: "551707df23f86fa507358baa",
bedNumber: 1,
name: "Fuat Basık",
age: 26,
weight: 64.5,
height: 1.75, …

I have been using google-gson library for a long time. In one of the recent projects, however, I discovered more advanced features of gson library and decided to share them on this post.

I want to start with most basic features of gson. This User class is used in all examples below.

public class User {
private String username;
private String email;
private String password;
//private transient String password;
public User(String u, String e, String p) {this.username = u; = e;this.password …

This post will be about “Etrafa Sor” (“Ask Around” in english) mobile application which is a kind of side project for me for a year.

Before start telling about the story, I want to explain “Etrafa Sor” Application. It is a mobile application that you can ask questions that will only be visible to people who are around your question(each question has a location either you specified location or your current location). It is another type of social platform that uses the power of mobile. We believe that you will get much more accurate answers in this way. In addition…

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